Monday, April 30, 2007

Grand Old Lady Raped.

This is a comment I posted at Rocky's although I'm not sure if he can or will publish it. I reproduce it below:

[Meanwhile] Kali continues to ruin the grand old lady of Malaysian newspapers, the NST. I was really quite sickened to read the NST yesterday when the front page story was -unbelievably- Kali's inane and uninspired piece on flying handkerchiefs. Yes, yes I know it's about Ijok and the lies and empty promises of the opposition. But shouldnt such op-eds or essays (or whatever you call such pieces)NOT be on the front page?? For heaven's sake the front page is supposed to be about the news. Not a place to showcase your (gag)"flair for writing".

And as if the front page story was not enough, we were also entertained by Kali's story on how generous he and his son are, and how they care about poor people in Malaysia and even in far off places like New York (gag again).Masquerading as a human interest piece on respect and humility Kali's article is, to me, pathetically lacking in depth and is another blatant attempt at self aggrandizement.(Will Kali sue me for this? Its just my personal opinion kan? Other people are free to think that he is the best writer God ever put on Malaysian soil.)

Not too long ago a writer, listening to me lament the fate of the NST under the able hands of Kali, asked me point blank: What do you miss about the NST? I said for one thing I miss the broadsheet. For another I miss the good writers. I miss A Kadir Jasin, Rose Ismail, Shamsul Akmar, Ahmad Talib, Ahiruddin Atan (although not technically NST, I know), Saleha Ali, Fatimah Abu Bakar... just to name my favourites... Above all, I miss the feeling of real reading pleasure and intellectual satisfaction after reading the NST, especially on Sundays.
I hate feeling disgusted with the NST nowadays, feeling angry that this grand old lady has been 'raped' senseless. I hate that the paper has almost become a personal advertisement vehicle for certain personalities.
Hate the person responsible for this.
Sorry Rocky if this is a lot off topic, i just HAD to vent.

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kerohi said...

Yang seronoknya ada orang dan anak dia juga ditonjolkan atau menonjolkan diri mereka seperti mewakili tuhan membantu orang yang susah. sepupu orang ini kena barah mulut. dirawat di PPUM . datang dari Perak. Orang ini telah diminta untuk memberikan tempat tinggal beberapa hari kepada sepupunya dan seorang dua ahli keluarga. Apa orang ini dan isteri dia buat? takda tempat di rumahnya untuk sepupunya itu. langsung menjauhkan diri dari sepupunya. beratus cerita orang ini akan saya tuliskan nanti. dalam akhbar , dia seperti malaikat memperkenalkan dirinya.