Friday, April 27, 2007

Dewa Turun Kayangan

Like the legendary dewa (mystical beings sometimes inaccurately described as demi-gods) of old Malay and Hindu folklore, PM YDP descended from his Kayangan (the heavens) to soil his holy feet amongst the mere mortals of ijok.

This sent the entire political community into a buzz. "Why did the PM have to 'turun'? Is it such a tough fight in Ijok?".

The popular notion here on earth, is that the PM does not come to campaign during by-elections. This has been practiced for many years, even in the era of the great TDM. It is unlikely that PM YDP didnt get the memo on this. He was not too long ago a DPM himself and I remember well him having to campaign in Anak Bukit and Pendang and before that in Bentong and Indera Kayangan. So he knows well that by convention the PM doesnt campaign in by-elections.

So why did he do it anyway? The possible reasons can only be:

1. He got the wrong info: that BN is on the losing side in Ijok and therefore his rescuing presence(insert laughter here) is badly needed

2. He has no confidence in the campaign led by his deputy

3.This is another subtle attempt by SIL to undermine Najib. He deploys the unsuspecting, half asleep FIL as a tool to convey his message. - This is quite brilliant if you think of it: You know Ijok is a winner now, so u better get FIL to come, so that credit can be robbed from Najib who slaved for 10 days there. So now you can start another whispering campaign that says "Nasib baik PM datang, sebab tu menang... kalau tak kalah dah..." As if Najib did nothing for 10 days. Either way, kalau BN kalah, Najib still gets all the blame, kalau menang none of the credit. Oxford trained SIL well.

In my view, Ijok aint as tough a battle as some might have you believe. It's a tougher fight than Machap and Batu Talam of course, but not anywhere near Lunas. BN has definitely gained a stronger foot hold since the campaign started. So to my suspicious mind, and relating to my theories of conspiracy and the hunt for a legacy PM YDP's descent is motivated by something more than the desire to see BN win. Whether it's his own motive or the motive of other sinister plotters, I dare not speculate.
Update 28 April 12:18 a.m :
The Sun had thi story, which I found on Malaysia Today:
Prime Minister Datuk Seri AbdullahAhmad Badawi said today he has confidence in Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak's capability as his deputy, especially in carrying out the tasks entrusted to him.
"I've confidence in Najib as the deputy prime minister for I'm satisfied with many of the tasks he has implemented," he told reporters after launching the National Intellectual Property Day 2007 here.
The prime minister was responding to queries surrounding the opposition's personal attacks on Najib in the run-up to the Ijok state by-election in Selangor tomorrow.Voters will cast their ballots to pick either Barisan Nasional (BN)'s K. Parthiban, 38, who is Tanjung Karang MIC secretary, or Parti KeadilanRakyat (Keadilan)'s Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, 61, who is former Guthrie Bhd chief executive officer.
Abdullah said Najib, in his capacity as BN deputy chairman, had on numerous occasions proven his ability to lead the BN by-election machinery."Although I'm the BN chairman (and it's my) responsibility to lead, he has been heading the by-election machinery all this while, proving his capability with successful outcomes," he said.The prime minister said the opposition should not have made personal attacks against his deputy as the accusations had nothing to do with Najib.
My hypothesis above must be entirely unfounded. I'm sorry. All is well then. I stand corrected.

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