Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tun Apologizes...or did he?

Saw it in on the 8pm news. For the first time in yonks, TV3 was only too happy to show an extended footage of TDM's press conference. Tun said he made a statement relating to YDP (Yang Disalah Pilih)'s house in Perth based on strong and presistent rumours. It has since been proven that the house "belonged to the wife of a chinese businessman". (The portion in quotes came from TV3's script).

I wonder why TDM did that. It seems so out of character... and in the next portion of the PC footage, he apparently told bloggers not to embellish so as not to erode the credibility of their blogs....

Hmm... it all seems a little strange. I sent a bewildered text to TDM's aide, who responded by saying it's all part and parcel of spinning...

Wonder if my blogger idol Rocky has a take on this...
Now I get what TDM's aide meant in his reply to my sms ... get the full perspective of what TDM said here and for a take on Agence France-Presse's view, read here.
D-uhhh.... how could I have missed it??? It was a brilliant move by TDM to 'apologize'. Then again, my first reaction to this story was based on the spin on TV3. Now that I have the full context, I know that it was a master stroke from a master politician. TDM managed to:
1. Get extra airtime, more than he did in the last nine months
2. Get the story of the house onto the mainstream media, where before it was only on the blogs and the internet.
3. Get it out in the open that SIL was caught with his pants down, confessing to Kamaluddin's ownership of the house, when in actual fact it was Mrs. Patrick Badawi's
Now, TV3's claimed 3 million viewers of Bulletin Utama all over the country will be talking about the Perth House, finding out more things, when previously they knew nothing.
A masterstroke from a Master politician. What else can i say. The man's a genius. hidup Mahathir!

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