Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lion On The Prowl

I'm seriously worried about the future of my country. But like I told my friend Achul over dinner just now, the saddest thing is that I feel there is nothing I can do. It's all very well to say ... oh we have to keep on going, because the voice of the people will ultimately matter, we all can make a difference... so on and so forth... but I'm really beginning to doubt it. Can we really make a difference? in Malaysia?
The Great YABhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the man who kept Malaysia safe from greedy salivating economic invaders, lamented not too long ago that he was disappointed that Malaysians seem so jaded. Nothing shocks them into action. Nothing pushes them beyond cynicism and raised eyebrows. Not that he expected Malaysians to take to the streets.. But at least Malaysians should be angry enough to cause their elected representatives to spring into action and demand answers and explanations.
But we got nothing. Nada. zip. Not a whimper about the excesses of YDP and his family, about the ECM Libra Avenue debacle, about the slow and excruciating murder of MAS, about the control of one family over Khazanah Nasional, about the selling of Johore, about the rape of Terengganu
Articles like this one here written by YB Ron (Ok ex-YB) and posted on Malaysia Today make me feel more helpless. Its like its unfolding over our very eyes and we can do nothing!!
In the last few days, it's clear that the Lion is on the prowl again. This Lion is mighty indeed... mighty in causing destabilisation and enriching its coffers. This lion now counts as part of its domain the communications and banking & finance sectors of the most populous Muslim nation on earth, rendering that nation an economic hostage to the lion, should any situation arise that would put it head to head against the king of beasts.The lion caused the downfall of a government in the land of the white elephant.And now the lion eyes another weakened tiger of Asia... A tiger weakened by the departure of it's mighty leader of 22 years in 2003, replaced by a bumbling fool who cant tell s**t from breakfast. Probably coz he falls asleep between the toilet and the breakfast table. Ah but that's ok... He has a loving SIL to help him decide which is which.
Anyway back to the lion. in recent days, we heard that operatives of the lion are back in action after lying low following severe pressure from YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. The operatives, believing that the mighty Tun is now weakened by age and health concerns, have returned to claim the helm of a boutique investment bank.... which is, I believe a vehicle to forage for bigger chunks of the tiger's meat to be devoured by the ruthless lion.
The primary Singapore operative - the fourth K- this time reappeared at the apex of the investment bank with a friend in tow. TF. Now this TF is somewhat of a puzzle to me. For a long time I thought his master was a reclusive Malaysian communications billionaire. Turns out, he belongs to another billionaire, a certain powerful SIL.
Then it starts to make sense. Patutla his budget airline got into the Lion's den so easily, in spite of the lion being infamous for its protectionist stance over every single thing. Yet it allowed the budget airline in? Hmm...SIL must've been behind it.. SIL is after all not only beloved by YDP but also by the Lion. It was within the lion's den, after all, that SIL got his early education.
Patut la the budget airline is getting all sorts of perks and breaks from PM YDP's castrated government... rupanya SIL is in the background. Rupanya SIL and TF are cosmic twins... almost one and the same, evidently.And the Fourth K of course is happy to work with the cosmic twins, faithfully serving his lord The Lion, whilst laughing at idiot Malaysians and the hp6 puppet cabinet, all the way to the bank.
Aduuuh Sang Harimau... apa lah dosa ditimpa nasib sebegini?
When news of the Lion's agent and TF taking leadership of the investment bank broke, my friend (whom we call Jong-Il) sms-ed me frantically.He was quite livid. Enraged even, by the blatant audacity of SIL and the Fourth K. I said, "well what to do mate? It's the way the cookie crumbles". Jong Il replied "Takkan the rakyat are that hapless?? (sic)". I only said "yes they are. live with it." Silence from Jong-Il after that... obviously he's off somewhere fuming by himself. Jong Il is also probably pissed off at my cavalier attitude about the whole thing.
But I'm not cavalier about it because i dont care. I do care. I'm furious! hell that's why Spooky Muck came into being in the first place. But like YABhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir, I'm starting to feel a little disheartened. "Resistence" as the evil are fond of saying, "is futile."
To be honest, right now I feel like my country has come under the rule of the dark lord Sauron (read: Jembalang Hitam SIL). But like I said once before, my poor country aint middle earth, and we dont have a fellowship of the ring that would help destroy Sauron. Our white wizard Gandalf (TDM) is constrained by age and of course by invisible spells that thwart his considerable powers.
Meanwhile the rape, pilage and plunder of my poor motherland continues. The lion prowls for ever bigger game, to have lavish feasts with its entire pride.
We, my countrymen, watch in horror as our motherland is being devoured alive. We wince in pain, we cry silent tears... but at the end of the day.. we just watch. Hmmm... Should we then be angry with the lion for coming to our territory when we did nothing to stop it or chase it away?

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Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh! Semua Boleh! TF gets his airline license for his dream vision Longhaul Low Cost, chucks the rural air to MAS!!Says (this makes me sick)"we are happy to hand over the rural air services to Firefly"..Real Sick,because they screwed up big time for Sarawak..did'nt give a damn for the poor folks who NEEDED them.And guess what,hopes to hand over their hutang as well? And what we say??Boleh.Malaysia Boleh..Gomen subsidise..boleh.
Poor folks in the interiors working for pittance helping them carry cargo and luggage to and from planes are stilled owed...ayoyo, dosa lah TF. And poor MAS has to 'take over' the crap they are leaving behind.Grounded aircraft with no spare parts so cannot fly.why? low cost style lah.Use the spare parts for need to spend.boleh?Boleh..
MAS jadi mangsa!We been sold big time..Ananda boleh tolongka?