Saturday, April 28, 2007

BN trumps PKR. Whither Aljubs?

By now everyone will have heard that the BN won in Ijok. The victory is not surprising. If you had gone there in the last two days of campaigning, you will have sensed that the swing for BN was all around. What is surprising is the spike in the majority which rose from 1649 to 1850.

Odly enough, it was YDP who was being interviewed for almost an hour over RTM, although he was in Ijok for all of 1 and a half hours. Hmm. I was under the impression that Najib led the BN team in Ijok....
Anyway... that's not important. BN is after all a united front and the main thing is that the party won.
Back to the numbers. A hike in the majority is surprising in that it destroys the notion that the people are unhappy with the current administration. It seems that the bridge issue, the oil-for-food scandal, the 200million jet plane, the turkish yacht, the ecm-libra scandal... all those things dont matter to the people.
Then again maybe they do matter. Its just that people forgot about them. Why did the people forget? Because the opposition curiously forgot to raise them. In a most fishy manner, the PKR and DAP forgot the very issues that they have been riding on over the past 3 years. Instead they banked on the flimsy rumours of the Altantuya case and the alleged misdeeds in the Scorpene and Sukhoi case. The strategy reeked the stench of Al Jubs. Why? because the attacks were so centrally focused on Najib. Aljubs had the most to gain with Najib out of the picture.
The gnawing question is: what deal was there between Aljubs and certain quarters. We lay off you, you dont defend Najib?? Who knows.
Meanwhile, the real good news out of Ijok today is that PKR is all but dead. This was their last chance at a comeback. They failed disastrously.
For Aljubs, the loss is doubly bitter. Not only has he inadvertently strengthened Najib by forcing PM YDP to re-enforce his ringing endorsement of the deputy premiere, he has also removed all doubt that PKR is fading, by making it clear that even with the great Anwar leading the charge, people still reject PKR -or affectionately known as Keldaian
What he will do next is fairly predictable. He will rant and rave. He will cry foul and allege vote rigging and phantom voters. he will plead a victim of the might of the BN Machinery, he will claim BN's victory as having been bought by $$$
Behind the scenes, he is probably less loud,probably silent and fidgety. Aljubs now knows that outside of UMNO he is on the road to nowhere and fast. Ijok may well be his death knell.His future seems bleak.
What will he do? I would wager that he will intensify secret negotiations with SIL for his re-entry into UMNO, somehow. At the same time he will send yet another emissary to mengadap YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, something a little bird told me he tried to do at least four times before, each time failing miserably with TDM all but slamming the door on the face of the envoy. (Not literally of course)
Aljubs will want to get into UMNO at all costs. he knows that PKR is toast. He's probably relieved he's not a member. Then again he already calculated that he wanted to be free to consider his options -options that include re-joining UMNO. What he miscalculated on was BN's strength, in particular Najib's strength in countering his personal attacks.
Tonight is a humid night. But Anwar is feeling cold, because he is locked on the outside in this dark and dreary night, looking through UMNO's window and seeing the warmth and comfort inside. He knows he has to get in or he will just fade away into the night. The desperation is increasing for him. As he listens to the joy and laughter inside the UMNO home, he realises on this side of the wall there is no celebration. By this time tomorrow, when the Ijok dust settles, Anwar will see that he is all alone.

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