Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And so it begins... again

Yes.. 'again' in the title. Coz I tried to get this damned blog kicked off a couple of days ago... stupid office server wont allow submission to blogspot. Must be a firewall thingy.
Let me see if I remember bits of my supposed maiden posting on this blog. Think it went something like this:
The other day at the airport, my moronic friend Rusdi asked me if I had a blog. He knew me quite well, Rusdi did, and he sensed that a person who is quite prone to verbal hemorrhaging such as yours truly would probably need an outlet to express my pent up rage. He also knew that I followed keenly most of the major blogs, particularly KMU, Malaysia Today, Jeff Ooi and of course my favourite, Rocky's bru.
I did of course have a blog... but it's more likemy travel journal, which I created to keep friends informed of what i was up to some time ago when I was in the UK. I've never had a blog where I can really rant and rave... maybe because I dont want to risk people knowing who I am. Am I chicken shit? Hell No.
Well maybe. A little. Then again you would be too if you were me. I've got to earn a living you know... and we l;ive in times when having an opinion could cause you to lose the means to earn a living.
So I've decided to blog quietly... a small little corner in cyberspace where I can get really pissed off, explode, and not worry about losing my job because of it.
Why Spooky Muck for an address? Literally spooky muck means a scary-ass mess of crap. Figuratively of course it refers to crappy stuff that's unfolding all around me, here in this country that's teetering perilously close to being called "North Singapore".... but best of all... I chose it coz of the play on the pronounciation, when you pronounce it with a malay tone. I wouldn't say it out loud if I were you... ;)
So here I go... Welcome to this Spooky Muck.(Don't say THIS out loud either).


A Voice (of Another Brick in the Wall) said...

Welcome on-board to the group of "female, mostly unemployed", and liar.

I will be including you on SOPO Sentral of Malaysia in its SOPO Directory.

When you mention YDP, thats a giveaway where you've been surfing ...

teja said...

Hey I like your little blog! We are on the same boat.. and I was thinking for the longest time to start a blog to rant and rave on the stupidity of the current mismanagement of the country.. and quietly ;) coz I can't do that on my other "travel journal" blog! hehehe

Kersani said...

Hey Teja,

Thanks for the positive feedback. Hope you come back time and again.
And I strongly encourage you to start that non-travel-blog to rant and rave ;) Please let me know when its up. In my experience, the worst part is to get set up. Once the blog is up, updating it becomes routine. Maklumlah, ada saja issue yang meng-hanginkan kita under YDP ni...