Sunday, April 22, 2007

Unholy Alliance?

Here's something I wrote a while back... I thot It should be posted here...
As far as Al-Jubs (DSAI) is concerned, the equation is simple: If the path to power is through UMNO, then that path must be (U minus N) to the power of K; U being UMNO, N being Najib, K being SIL.

Al-Jubs is well aware that what TDM said is too true: Any hopes of coming back to power on his part is nothing more than a pipe dream... unless... he is back in UMNO.

But then his return to UMNO is not that easy. He (being the egotistical megalomaniac that he is) will never return to UMNO as an ordinary member, and he has a deep rooted vengeance against Najib , because on some level Al-Jubs feels Najib has taken what is rightfuly his -The number two spot. In the begining Al-Jubs was hoping that his Golden Key to UMNO was through SIL.SIL after all was extremely involved in securing Al-Jubs' freedom. And Al-Jubs sensed that SIL was looking for a symbiotic relationship of sorts...

The symbiotic relationship SIL wanted, had to do with his own famous ambition. SIL knows that he will never be next in line for the number one spot because of his age. So he needed a black stallion (no reference to anything sexual here.) to run the course first- A stallion who would be indebted to him, and who would ensure his ascendancy, long after his current source of power- The Sleeping YDP- is gone.
After the famous passport episode, SIL and Al Jubs realised that people were getting suspicious. Rumours abound about a lengthy phone call between Al Jubs and YDP -arranged by SIL-while YDP was in Australia for his nose job.. er.. I mean sinus treatment. Then there was that Hari Raya open house call.
So to throw people off the scent of their unholy alliance, SIL went on the UMNO Youth platform and angrily condemned AlJubs as 'Pengkhianat', conveniently forgetting the whole passport incident.
SIL has at least twice more repeated that Al Jubs will never be accepted into UMNO. But we all know that promises made in politics mean diddly squat. All that is needed is for SIL to organize a 'popular voice' gimmick and then say "Kita terpaksa akur dengan kehendak akar umbi"... it's a trick done a million times before.
So anyway, the unholy alliance continues on the quiet. Fast forward to today, Little Birds here and there keep on singing about secret meetings and telephone calls between the two. Even letters to one lovers in a forced separation. When YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad began his well-grounded offensive against YDP and SIL, AlJubs felt that he was getting closer to his goal. YDP and SIL needed to strengthen themselves by bringing AL Jubs as a trump card to thwart TDM.
They severely miscalculated. UMNO was still unwilling to accept ALJubs, and worse the party was deeply divided about their support for YDP, one huge faction clearly leaning on the side of TDM. The Al Jubs re-acceptance plan was put on hold. But make no mistake, Little Birds say, the relationship is still there. Only now they are playing the waiting game, hatefully banking on the fact that with TDM being 82, time cant possibly be on his side.
While they wait, they take on the other big obstacle, Najib. Wasnt it Al Jubs who started the Mongolian connection story? And the Scorpene link story? and the Sukhoi link story? It wasnt anyone else.
Al Jubs says nothing about the ECM Libra Avenue affair, nor about the oil for food scandal, nor about any of the 1001 nonsensical moves of the YDP administration... but he goes doggedly after Najib. Meanwhile, no one is coming to Najib's defence.
Where is the Pemuda Wing that he used to lead? Hisham of course says nothing without SIL's green light and SIL will not lift a finger to help Najib although technically the Youth Wing is duty bound to defend the deputy president.
What about the other ministers of the half past six cabinet? No one has said a word in defense of Najib. Why? We're talking about a bunch of sycophants and yesmen who would even say YDP's farts smell like roses! Yet they do nothing to defend Najib?
This is not to say whether Najib is innocent or not. That's a whole other debate altogether. What I'm getting at is: Isn't it a bit suspicious and uncharacteristic of UMNO that no one defends the number two? That they are lettling him drown all alone? Doesn't it smack of some kind of conspiracy somwhere?
(Consider this: When Razak Baginda was arrested, how come the Straits Times of Singapore broke the story before the local papers? [On a completely unrelated matter, Hindugod was in Singapore the day before that, or so says another Little Bird.]How come for the first time newspapers revealed the identity of a remanded suspect BEFORE he was even charged?)
If AlJubs is, as he claims, a valiant hero who fights for truth and justice, why hasnt he EVEN ONCE attacked SIL? Why hasnt he charged nepotism and crony-ism against YDP like he was quick to do with TDM? Why has he made no noise about the house in Perth, the Turkish Gullet, the RM200 mil jet, the inexplicable wealth of SIL and friends, the inanely stupid responses of YDP ("like I dont know, I'm not involved"..).
Put it this way... as the de facto leader of the opposition, shouldn't AlJub's sparring partner be YDP? Why should he go after Najib if his objective is to discredit UMNO? He should go after the party's supremo. Instead he attacks Najib and only Najib. Which can only mean that he sees Najib as an obstacle to his path forward, which means that he feels his path forward is still through UMNO, which necessarily means that the unholy alliance between him and SIL is very very much alive... and... given SIL's and AlJubs tendency to always favour the interest of their foreign friends over what's important to Malays and Malaysia, that's something about which UMNO members should be afraid. Very afraid.


BigDogDotCom said...


If you using the term "YDP", may I suggest you use it in the full context as in "PM YDP". The term "PM YDP" was introduced by BigGuyDotCom from Berita MyKMU and Forum MyKMU. It means "Perdana Menteri Yang Disalah Pilih". It makes the pneumonics more clearer. Therefore, using "YDP" alone is incomplete.



Kersani said...

Dear Big Dog,

Thank you for your constructive comment. It is an honor to have you visit my humble blog. I am a fan of yours. I stand corrected and will henceforth use PM YDP as originally coined by BigGuyDotCom.

BigDogDotCom said...

Dear Kersani,

Its an honour for me to know there is a another comrade in arms in the cybersphere and Bloggosphere, going for the same Perjuangan.

I am as much proud to be able to comment here as I am proud to see another Pejuang Bangsa out there, trying out wings on the new horizons.

Best of luck