Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wanted: A Hero

To take after the style of fellow blogger "A Voice", I'm starting this post with a few lines from an old song:

I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
He's gotta be sure
And it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life
- Bonnie Tyler
I need a hero. We need a Hero. Malaysia needs a hero.
This evening my friend Jong-Il sent me a text (he's obviously not mad at me anymore for being cavalier about the state of the country) asking me about what really is wrong with the great YABhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. He'd heard it was really bad, really serious etc. etc.
At first I said it wasn't true... that it wasn't as serious as some people made it out to be. But that was before the press release from IJN. When I read it, I sent a text to Jong Il to say that I stood corrected. It was serious. As serious as a heart attack, as they say. Alhamdulillah Tun, our hero is doing very well, responding to treatment and recovering slowly but surely.
but you don't need to be a doctor to know that a second heart attack in the space of six months is never good news. His spirit may be young, his heart and spirit is definitely strong, but my beloved Tun's physical body is not. It is soon to be 82 years of age.
I remember watching a sitcom once where one of the characters said " A heart attack is one of nature's ways of warning you, telling you to take it easy." YABhg TDM has had two warnings... and stern warnings they are.
When my beloved Tun had the first scare back in November, I guess I was in denial, as many of us were -still are- because we want so much to believe that nothing could get our hero down. We prayed, we willed him to be well again... and Tun being Tun, he recovered remarkably. We wanted to believe that he's as good as new, that he could even become our Prime Minister again.. (god how I wish that were possible)... But even though Tun looks so healthy (alhamdulillah), and young and in the pink of health, the truth, as we now know, is that he was healthy yes, but at 82, he's not as resilient, not able to brush aside illness as he used to do for most of the 22 years he held Malaysia's hand and led her to glory.
My beloved Tun is bruised, after many years of battle. InshaAllah he will soon be back in the pink of health. I pray for this every day and I really believe it will be soon. But after this second attack, I don't want to be as blind as I was in November. I don't want to celebrate Tun's recovery just for my selfish reason of wanting to see him fight the evil that grips our land.
No. I want him well because I love him as a son loves his father. I want him to be well because I want him to be well and because I want him to be with me as long as is humanly possible.
And so I'm going to wish that Tun withdraws from public life. I really hope that his family will feel the same way and insist on his complete withdrawal. He must retreat into peace and tranquility, so that he can really be well and enjoy these golden years without any stress or angst.
It pains me that I'm asking my hero to abandon our cause. But between losing the war and losing my "father".. I'll prefer to retreat to fight another day, and let my 'father' spend his best years in joy and happiness, surrounded by his family and loved ones, and his legions of supporters.
I know not many people would agree with me. At least not as far as the soundness of my philosophy is concerned. but I don't care. I want Tun to rest.
Which was what I told Jong Il. To which he said: Then we will have lost our true leader, and The Evil That Grips Our Land (TETGOL) will thrive and prosper as our people suffer and our nation is cut up and sold.
Which led me to the actual reason that i wrote this piece, the reason I quoted the song above. We need a *#*& Hero, and we need one now.
Thing is, if you go around the country, there are thousands of people who hate TETGOL . From cab drivers to Ketua Bahagians to Members of Parliament, to powerful business many people are angry at YDP and his son and SIL. But the voices are in disarray and unorganized. And so every voice that should make up the force for change is reduced to mere whispers... almost silenced by fears that TETGOL might find out and retaliate. In actual fact the power of the force is great. but disunited and too spread out, the power becomes nothing.
This is where our Hero is needed. We need someone to come out in shining armour, with enough charisma and courage, to convince the masses that he is the real deal. Not a flash in the pan, not a tainted hasbeen sodomite with illusions of grandeur, not a relic of the past that is no match for TETGOL's SIL.Someone that the public can believe in, that they can rally behind without having to fear SIL or FIL.
Only when such a person emerges will the people unite and the spores of tiny voices will become one loud and powerful cataclysmic roar of power bellowing triumphantly to herald in a new dawn of hope. Only then will TETGOL be chased away and we can begin to rebuild our economy ravaged by one family's greed, and only then can we protect our land once again
For far too long we have relied on the Tongkat that is Tun Mahathir... tongkat for the economy, for developing the country, for protecting our shores, for protecting the Malays, and now, since 2003, a tongkat to beat some sense into FIL, the figurehead of TETGOL.
But Tun has more than earned his rest. He has more than done his duty to God, King and country. It's time someone else led the charge to regain justice and national pride.
So who will this hero be?
I have no one in mind and I cannot even begin to suggest a name that would have sufficient courage of conviction, charisma and character to take on the leadership to fight TETGOL, now that Tun MUST literally retire, in the name of his health and for the sake of all who love him.
I don't know where or who our new hero is and where he will come from. I just know that we need a hero.Badly. Any takers?


A Voice (of Another Brick in the Wall) said...

You are most welcome to follow. I do not have copyright over style.

YDP ... hmmm where did I here that.

A Voice @ CWT

Kersani said...

Thanks bro.. immitation after all is a form of flattery. and thanks for dropping by again...

You know where you heard YDP from. That infamous phrase coined by Biggie once upon a time on KMU

You signed off "A Voice @ CWT"

D-uhh.. I'm sorry I didn't recognize earlier that u are the great CucuWakTelu... my bad brother.. my bad...

I am henceforth putting 'Brick On the Wall on my Hall Of Fame Blogroll... Most honoured to do so.

BigDogDotCom said...

The Malays have had several heroes in our time:

We had Left. Adnan Saidi

We had Dato' Onn Jaafar

We had Sgt. Jamil Md. Shah

We had Pendita Za'aba

We had Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra

We had Tun Ghazali "King Ghaz" Shafiee

We had Tun Abdul Razak Hussein

We had Tan Sri Taib Andak

We had Royal Prof. Ungku Aziz

We had Tun Ghaffar Baba

We had Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

Even Tan Sri Rahim Noor, former IGP was a hero when as the Director of Special Branch he successfully negotiated the surrender of CPM and Chin Peng in 1989.

Now we are seeing a hero-in-the-making.

We now have the opportunity to make personalities like Mukhriz Mahathir a hero and we can help him achieve that. Lets work it out. Lets not make it worse by guessing the outcome.