Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Daddy and Mummy!!

My good friend Che Siti (who' birthday was yesterday, btw. Happy Birthday!) sent me a text early this morning to say that there were some sweet pictures of the great YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia and YABhg. Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, posted on KMU.

They were follow up pictures posted on KMU by Jinggo after the Kuwaiti PM's visit to TDM at his residence on May 28th. I was so moved to see TDM's photos... God I miss having him as PM. Those were the days.... I just pray Allah keeps him well for many years to come.

Anyway, the follow up pictures are as below. They are copyrighted by Jinggo and KMU I believe. I thank them for allowing me to post the pictures of my spiritual "Daddy & Mummy" here. (By the way, one of their kids has given me express permission to proclaim them spiritual mummy and daddy ;) so tak malu ler...)

(Left) Ahhh... the permanent first couple. The true king and queen of people's hearts. Seen here at the doorway of their home, Seri Cahaya.

And this (right) is my favourite photo of " Tun mummy and Tun daddy".. . Tun Siti, forever young at heart and the epitome of positive energy, clowns around her husband of more than 50 years. Couple of the year, couple of the decade, couple of five centuries.

May Allah always bless them both, keep them happy like this forever and ever, and reward them for everything they have sacrificed for all of us and for this country. May He keep them for us, may he give Tun Mahathir health and strength, and Tun Hasmah the same, so she can continue to be his rock and pillar of courage and fortitude. Amin.

We love you Daddy & Mum, and we miss Tun Daddy's golden days in office....

Thank you again Photographer Jinggo and for photos


mekyam said...

Dear Kersani,

I have not visited for a while. Have to say those heartwarming pictures of our beloved TDM and TDSH make very nice welcome.

They speak volumes about the kind of people Tun and wife are - so comfortable in their own skins and totally without pretensions. No wonder we were so secure when TDM was at the helm.

I agree with your earlier post (We need a Hero) absolutely. I too would rather have the beloved two healthy and well and enjoying their well-deserved rest. Both are writing their memoirs(?), I hear - that should be enough stimulation for these two unstoppables. :D

TETGOL (love that acronym, very Tolkienish) has to be fought, but someone else has to do it. What do you think of Raja Nazrin?

Anonymous said...

I shead tears of joy when I saw those photos...


Kersani said...

Dear Mekyam,

glad to have you back.. sorry for the delay in publishing your comment as i have been away.

Raja Nazrin... I think he would be great, but alas, he is next in line to the throne of Perak. I dare not be too romantic to predict he would give that up in order to fight TETGOL.

Perhaps even, asone of the rulers he may play an important role as a voice of moderation...