Saturday, May 26, 2007

He's A Pretender!

Not one hour ago, the international news agencies were abuzz that Aljubs has pulled out of the Keldaian party race. (As usual, we see that the international media always seems to be watching Aljubs; they seem to know more about him than the local press, and seem to be forever painting him in a positive light. Then again, it shouldn't come as a surprise. the foreign media is always favourable to stooges of Uncle Sam, and we know that Aljubs is definitely on the state department payroll)
Really, did anyone think that Aljubs was really going to go ahead with the race after the ROS said he cant get an exemption from the rules? Even he knew from the start that he couldn't go through with it or he would risk de-registeration of Keldaian. The whole defiant courage thing was just an act. Of course it paints such a romantic picture of heroism and Braveheart-like iron will in the face of 'oppressive' authority. This is vintage Aljubs. How many times are poor Keldaian folks going to fall for it?

At least Nalla learned his lesson. Actors like Aljubs are just that: Actors. He may give you the whole song and dance about 'cause' and 'reform' and 'equality' but in the end its just to serve his purpose. 30 years of 'procuring' favours and.. erm... good times...for Aljubs did little to enhance Nalla's position in the eyes of Aljubs. In the end his 'jambu' still matters most. (Boarding school fellas would know what i mean).
And so Nalla was left out in the cold. Darn. It looks like your switch into up-and-up politics isn't gonna work out, huh Nalls? Best you get back to your former day job... I believe there's a whole shipment of.. erm... merchandise ... just arrived from mainland china. And they've got passports and everything! ;)

Meanwhile, Nalla can take comfort that his 'good friend' of 30 years is not exactly in bliss and is in fact getting his share of restless nights. Yes, Aljubs is finding himself quite overwhelmed these days. First he is implicated in the Wolfowitz debacle. Actually, about that, it's important for us to remember that what the scandal unearths is not just that Aljubs is involved in giving Wolfowitz's girlfriend Shaha Riza a leg up (no pun intended) on her career path. More eye-opening for us, should be the very deep involvement of an aspiring leader of this country in a dubious and shady organization established and largely funded by the State Department of the government of the United States of America.
Aljubs has of course tried to obfuscate and evade the issue, but the story is simple and clear: Wolfowitz got his girl into the State Department; while there, she started work to establish a foundation funded by the Department and other governments of European nations and the middle east (although so far only USA has given the money); she recommends Aljubs to be lead consultant and when the foundation was set up, she recommends him to be chairman; (he then reciprocates the favour by writing personally to request for her transfer from the State Department to the fledgling Foundation with a huge pay rise.. but this doesn't really concern us for now...).
Simply put, Aljubs is made chairman of a foundation originally established under the auspices of the State Department and funded by it. Aljubs therefore -from my perspective- receives his salary from the funds of the State Department. Directly or indirectly (depending on how the paperwork is prepared), I would draw the conclusion that Aljubs is under the payroll of Uncle Sam. If this is so, then it makes clear what Aljubs's detractors have been saying for years. His loyalty compass is suspect. (Although frankly to me its not a matter of suspicion at all. Its clear Aljub's loyalty is only towards one party: himself)
You'd think that's bad enough for a politician to face. After all he was still reeling from a humiliating defeat for his party in Ijok just a week or two before the Wolfowitz story broke. Then came the party circus. The quarrels and the squabbles of the youth factions, and now the devastating walk-out of Nalla and his (surprising) band of supporters. But beyond what's visible on the surface, the problems that plague Keldaian shows a party that is coming towards the end of its shelf-life. And also, a politician, once on the rise, is now sinking fast, free falling in an ocean of problems with no bottom in sight.
Keldaian is about to implode because it has lost its reason for being. It was born to fight for Aljubs, but now that he is out, he is not even willing to become even an ordinary member of the party. I'll bet he's finding it really convenient that ROS has barred him from taking up the Keldaian top job. While he rants and blames the government for it, he's probably relieved that because the way things have unfolded he still has a shot at rejoining UMNO.
But still, he is in free fall. Still very much in political limbo.
Kesian Aljubs... Really. I do pity him, although that doesnt mean that I dont think he deserves it. Memang padan muka pun. Aljubs is now beleaguered. He's in deep muck and what he will do next will be interesting to watch.
If I can gauge correctly, I think he's going to push the spotlight away from his declining political career, yet still remain in the spotlight. He can't go into silent mode lest people will realise he's finished.
So? How?
I suspect he will leverage on the Altantuya and Lina Joy cases to divert attention from his declining political fortunes, to smear his nemesis DPM Najib and to keep his convict face in the news. He will use Lina Joy to appeal to non muslim voters, now that its obvious Malays have rejected him.He will try and become a champion of so-called equality and religious dialogue (although you know he doesn't believe any of it. If he did, he would have championed the same cause when he was DPM)... or something like that.
Oh well what else can you expect?Aljubs is a pretender of pretenders, giving performance after performance. To the non Malays he rejects the NEP, to the Malays he preaches in its favour...only with another name. To Newsweek he would say he spent time in prison reading the complete works of Shakespeare, to Tempo and Harakah he would say he was reading and memorizing the Quran. He tells the world he is against the war in Iraq, but draws a salary from the US Government. He claims to be an academician, even a professor, but we now know those jobs were not merit based but were arranged by powerful friends.
To me, (and this is just my personal opinion), he is nothing more than a duplicitous traitor,... a traitor to his followers, to the Malays and to his country. With all that has unfolded in recent times: Ijok, Wolfowitz, Keldaian, Aljubs can't hope to keep up his charade. It's obvious his whole persona is built on lies, untruths and false pretenses. How anyone can still support this joker is beyond me.

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