Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spooky's Back!!!!

Almost a year since my last posting. And boy what a year it has been. In that period Dolah Bedawi has made a mess of the country (not news), has brought UMNO to the brink of collapse, has sold his own government out by bowing to pressures from opposition and accepting populist (although potentially disastrous) policies, has appointed an idiotic drunkard money-politics-convict as a Minister and has tried to hoodwink the Malaysian public to accept a sham transition plan for the handing over of power to Najib. Meanwhile Anwar the Convict is back with a vengeance (literally) making life hell for the government, and then making life hell for all Malaysians with his shenanigans immediately after being accused of sodomy by his former aide Saiful Bukhari Azlan. At around the same time, DPM Najib and wife Rosmah also had their share of hellish days when lunatic blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin forgot to take his pills one day and decided to make a statutory declaration about something he was never witness nor party to. Then of course there was that Balasundram declaration nonsense and the even more nonsensical retraction. Adoi.... just rehashing it all is giving me a headache. So those are some of the things that's happened in the past year. Basically Malaysian politics seem to have gone completely barking mad.

On a more positive side, Tun Mahathir started his blog on May 1st 2008, and today, 3 months and two days after was born, that blog has charted 4, 820, 202 (as at 6.44pm, 6th August). A world record I'm sure, as most blogs take years to even get close to 3 million, let alone five. What it means is that this Greatest Malaysian Alive still has a large following, is still respected and is much loved by millions of Malaysians. Tun's voice seems the only voice of reason left in malaysia, and surprise surprise, Dollah and his monkeys have tried and are still continuing to systematically shut down this voice. Madness and stupidity trying to shut out sanity and reason.

So that's that.

but where has Spooky Been?... why the hiatus? Well to be honest, it was just a general sense of "putus asa" with the Bedawi government, with the stupidity and ball-less-ness of UMNo and with the general state of things ["give up" doesn't quite translate the sentiment of "Putus Asa" so I have to use the malay phrase. i just wanted to travel far far away and forget that the country I once loved is now in ruins. Also, I harboured a secret hope against hopes that when i returned, malaysia will have changed for the better, that Dollah Gila would be just a black part of our history and we would be working towards undoing his legacy of destruction.

Didn't happen.

So after a while, i decided, ok lah. i will start to write again. Maybe not as often as before. maybe not exclusively on politics... who knows. see how it goes la. But one thing I know, I'm just gonna say what i feel lah. It may not make any difference to anyone, but at least i get to let it out. And hopefully by doing so, i can continue to keep sane, in a country gone mad.

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