Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Farewell Little Angel...

UPDATE 21 September:

Nurin Jazlin was laid to rest today in a most tearful and heartbreaking funeral. She's in a better place now. and no monster can harm her ever again.

UPDATE 20th September:

According to The Star Police have confirmed that the body of a girl found in the sports bag two day ago was Nurin. Her parents still insist its not her. I think all of us wish its not her. I'm so shocked and sad it makes me numb.
Al Fatihah

Original Post (Have you seen this girl?):

28 Days after her fateful trip to the Pasar Malam near her house, 8-year old Nurin Jazlin is still missing. The search for her is still on-going after a nerve wracking day yesterday when a body of a young girl was found in a bag in PJ. Alhamdulillah its not Nurin, but my heart bleeds for the girl who was so senselessly and brutally murdered.

Meanwhile let's all focus on finding Nurin. Rocky has featured the search for Nurin on his blog here. And I'm putting it up on Spookymuck as well. I have a niece who is exactly Nurin's age and I can't bear the thought of anything bad happening to her. I just pray that Nurin is ok, wherever she may be.

Anyone with any information please contact 019-366 7607, 013-248 6651or IPD Sentul at 03-4042 2222.

More on this case can be found at a dedicated blog: http://www.nurinjazlin.blogspot.com/

May we find her soon InshaAllah.

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