Monday, June 11, 2007

A Sandiwara Of Embarassing Proportions

As I saw the news at 8pm just now, I found myself exclaiming "oh my God... are you serious???"
I think the 4th floor spinmasters have really gone over board. Makes me think that "A Voice"'s contention that the YDP administration is desperate is quite true indeed. Coz what I saw was really really reeking of desperation.
The TV3 news story started something like this (not verbatim but close enough) "Walaupun masih bergelar pengantin baru, hati Perdana Menteri tetap bersama rakyatnya... Selepas menghadiri majlis bertaraf antarabangsa pagi tadi, Perdana Menteri terus membuat lawatan mengejut ke bilik gerakan banjir..."
Honestly I almost muntah. Why the need to prop him up like that?? Is this a PR campaign ke apa?... and then... what's so mengejut about the lawatan if all the press were ready and waiting to capture YDP's motorcade pulling into the compound of DBKL? Mengejut kejadah nya tu??
But wait... it gets worse....
There was our YDP, all firm and authoritative, demanding an explanation for the flood... ce waaaah.... But... malang sungguh... his questions were less than convincing in most parts. Ada la some bits where he looked quite impressive... but mostly it was just silly. Ada satu part tu, he asked for the tunnel project to be sped up. The person he was talking to replied "But its on schedule Datuk Seri", to which he said (*and this is the impressive bit la) " I know it's on schedule but can you speed it up? Talk to them." He commanded... ohhhh bangganya aku....
then he blows it by saying something inane and stupid like " You have to be prepared for the rain because you never know when the rain comes so you have to be prepared." .. Well d-uhhh? ya think so Einstein?.
But even that we can ignore. But what I cannot tahan is this: What the hell kind of a staged performance is this and why is it necessary?? It was soooooo orchesterated ok? The press were there to film the limo arrival, and then the entire meeting! Word for word! What the hell kind of surprise inspection is that? It was so obvious that they wanted to show how much YDP is working and barking orders here and there... alamaaaak...
Come on la.. If this wasn't staged, YDP would have shown up unannounced; attended a closed door meeting; demanded an explanation or scolded the bejeezus out of the officials(off camera); and later (by which time the press will have learned of the visit and rushed to the site), he would have a press conference to explain why he turned up unexpectedly.
Ini tidak... press dah siap tunggu, and then masuk sekali dalam meeting dengar YDP dok tanya itu ini... is that really how you should manage crisis? In the glare of the lights and camera?? Be serious la. There is a limit to spinning ok? This was a staged performance, pure and simple.
What a bunch of *bleep* *bleep* the people who thought up this plan must have been. How gullible do you think people are? Nak menipu pun biar la masuk akal sikit.

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